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How to get your Massachusetts Motorcycle Permit and

Motorcycle License by taking a class at Training Wheels

These 2 steps can be done either BEFORE or AFTER you schedule a Training Wheels class.

You do NOT need a permit (or appointment date) to take the Training Wheels course.


Step 1

Set up an appointment at the RMV to get your motorcycle permit at

At the RMV you will need to prove residency and pay the permit fee (it is a 5-10-minute appointment with no waiting)

Video on how to set up appt


Step 2

Go home and take the permit test through your online RMV portal.  The RMV will provide you with information on how to access the test (The permit test link will appear on your online account after you visit the RMV)

When you finish the Training Wheels Rider Course the RMV is immediately notified that you passed the course.


If you have the permit before you take the class then you will receive a new motorcycle license in the mail within 15 business days.


If you did not get the permit before you come to the class, the 15 days until the RMV will send you a new motorcycle license will start when you pass the RMV online permit test.

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